Ashlei Boucher

Ashlei Boucher

Owner & Photographer
Hello, it's me!

My love for all things equine began in 2008 with my first horse. Khelarra was an Arabian with a possible dog somewhere in her family tree. The ranch that boarded her allowed me to work off the board and she followed me everywhere around the ranch as I completed my chores. My first camera was gifted to me several years later. By today's standards, it was nothing special, but it was the inception for a passion that has been growing for a decade. I can't recall the first picture I ever snapped, but I do fondly remember the first time I turned the lens on Khelarra. The seemingly boundless emotion that horses possess somehow made its way onto that small preview screen and, cliches aside, it was love at first sight.

When I was growing up, my mother said "find something you love doing, and you will never work a day in your life." Later on, I figured out she might have borrowed a little from Mark Twain with that advice, but nonetheless it prompted me to start my own photography business in 2013. The foundation and premise of my company was born that day:

Harness inspiration and transform vision into reality, one horse at a time.

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Client Testimonials

"If you’re looking for quality in an equine photographer, Ashlei Boucher is your person. She makes it fun and natural while catching show stopping images. After having her out to do some casual photos of our gypsies I could see right away she was very talented. We are now going to be having her be our show photographer for the Mt. Hood Gypsy and Drum Horse Show this year. I highly recommend her and thank her for her talent!"

Jennifer Truax
West Linn, OR
"My mare is difficult to photograph, especially with the dim lighting at some shows. Ashlei is the first and only photographer to date that has been able to capture those important show moments for us. Her images are crisp, clear and beautiful. She's professional and very easy to work with. I can't wait to have her photograph my other horses as well as future shows."

Amanda Ableidinger-Ravenna
Vancouver, WA
"We love love love my daughter's senior photos from you! Definitely the best photographer we could have ever hope for. You definitely have the eye for perfection."

Kim Jackson Bauer
Vancouver, WA
"Thank you again so much! You and your photos were wonderful! Definitely on my list when we need another photographer!"

Dianne Lawrence
Sacramento, CA